This modern take on a classic modality is one of the most popular full-body workouts available. The Xterra Fitness Airbike Pro offers a tremendous range of workout solutions – the unlimited range of air resistance provides low resistance at slow speeds to high resistance at fast speeds. Simply put, it increases resistance the harder you work, so its great for everyone. Few other full-body workouts are as low impact, easy to use, and burn so many calories in such a small compact design. Whether you are looking to rehab an injury, shake up your WOD (workout of the day), or cross-train for your next race, the Xterra Fitness AIR650 Airbike Pro has you covered.


    • Include high-intensity interval training, target programs, and custom user programs
    • Nine steel fan blades are completely enclosed and provide cooling during the workout
    • The industrial-grade chain drive system operates as a fixed gear - durable and reliable.
    • The seat can be adjusted fore/aft and back/front.

    POWER SOURCE Battery ( 4 x AA )
    RESISTANCE SYSTEM Air Resistance
    27" Fan Housing With 9 Steel Blades
    CONSOLE  131 x 67 mm LCD
    READ-OUTS RPM, Speed, Time,
    Distance, Calories
    PROGRAMS Watt, Pulse, Interval Prompt
    Target Time, Target Distance,
    Target Calories, Target HR, Interval 20-10,
    Interval 10 - 20, Interval Custom
    HEART RATE Telemetric Enabled

    SET-UP 1220x710x1385 mm ( 28"x54"x50" )
    CARTON 1320x330x940 mm ( 52"x13"x37" )
    NW / GW 52 kgs / 64 kgs ( 115 lbs / 141 lbs )
    QTY 20' / 40' / 40' H 66 / 135 / 135
    MAX. USER WEIGHT 160kgs ( 350 lbs )